Zune HD is finally here!

by Gareth Mankoo

So all the rumors, sweat and posts weren’t in vain after all. The Zune HD is finally out here and it’s got something to give Apple some food for thought. It comes as a spearheaded opponent in the way of the iPod Touch. Microsoft loves locking horns with Apple, everywhere. It’s just that this time they seem to be the ones who will hold the upper hand. The Zune HD will have a 3.3” OLED screen with support for multi-touch browsing with resolutions of up to 480 x 272. It also has Wi-fi like the previous versions. As far as its looks are concerned, this baby’s surely got the right edges and surfaces to turn all those curve haters on its side. What’s more is that it will be sailing to European shores soon and will end up docking in Canada as well! As if all this was not enough, there are talks of a Zune phone as well. Woah, I need a break. (I always loved the Zune, even in its unglory).

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