Zip It, the table cloth that helps you enjoy a smartphone-free meal

by Gavril Mankoo

Human beings have begun to slowly forget just how to interact with each other in real life and have begun to resort to pieces of technology instead. One of these devices that constantly cloud our livelihoods is the mobile phone and its larger cousin, the tablet. Devices as such have forced us to log on and stay connected more often, forgetting the basic ethics of personal interaction. Here’s a table-cloth that ensures you spend your meal-time away from your gadgets and gizmos. Called the Zip It, this tablecloth sports a pocket sewn into its side. This pocket is large enough to store your smartphone and that of your meal partner.

The table cloth is a simple and innovative way to put some distance between you and your gadgets. The Zip It table cloth also sports a zip to ensure you don’t slip your hand into its pocket time and again. According to us however, adding a device that cuts of telephone signals to this table cloth would probably do a lot more good too!




[Via – Psfk]