Zen inspired PC casemod makes gaming a peaceful affair

by Gavril Mankoo

We’ve never seen a PC case as peaceful and serene as this one. Designed by Stephen LeatherFace Popa, the ZenComputer PC casemod uses a Japanese style mini rock-garden with a live Bonsai plant and some Japanese writing meaning Love Peace and Gaming’ in English, besides a Ying-yang symbol, wood-burned and handcrafted by Stephen. As for the tech part of it, this one packs in a Thermaltake 750watt Power supply, MSI P35 Platinum LGA 775 Motherboard and Intel Core2Duo processor, Nvidia 9800 GT and a Western Digital Barracuda hard-drive along with a Thermaltake water 850I cooling kit to keep it cool and calm and peaceful.

And with this, gaming and computing goes peaceful, with an enlightening touch from the school of Mahāyāna Buddhism.

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