YouTube high-resolution video will be out in 3 months time

by yogesh

YouTube’s co-founder Steve Chen announced recently that the company was looking at developing a new player that would detect the speed of the users Internet connection and deliver high-quality video when the user requested for it. They are already testing out a new high-quality format for its videos. Chen reiterated that YouTube’s goal was “to make the site’s vast library available to everyone and that requires a low-bitrate stream.” YouTube viewing experience will change dramatically with the high-res video but buffering the video stream time may be increased, hence the tests are being carried out.

Chen confirms that he expects that high-quality YouTube videos to be available to everyone within three months. He also said that in YouTube’s internal archive, all video is stored at the native resolution in which it was sent. However, he said, a large portion of YouTube videos are pretty poor quality to begin with–320×240. Streaming them in high-quality mode isn’t going to help much.

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