YouNeverCall offers Prize for the First Mobile Phone Call From The Moon

by radhika

In the wake of the sudden lunar mania (Google is offering $30M in prize money for landing a craft on the moon by Dec. 31, 2014) gripping the nation, YouNeverCall has declared that it will reward the person who makes the first Lunar Mobile Phone Call. The $10,000 booty can be claimed by anyone who places a cell phone call from the surface of the moon. The call must pass through a commercially available cellular phone to YouNeverCall’s corporate headquarters in Los Angeles. The call may travel via any protocol or compression before reaching their offices, and it must be possible to for the caller to answer a few yes/no questions correctly. Technically the call doesn’t have to be a “cellphone call from the moon”.

YouNeverCall is offering a $500 prize to the first SMS message that travels via the moon and lands on one of our corporate cell phones. The company is offering a $100 bounty to the first party who receives a cell phone call on the Moon that rings using the infamous Crazy Frog Ringtone. Crazy as this may sound, us (and many others) writing about this gimmick itself proves that YouNeverCall has a great PR and Marketing team!

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