You need to be as rich as Stark to own the fully functional, $380K Iron Man Suit

by Gareth Mankoo

It took a long while getting this one to materialize but now that we finally have an Iron Man suit, we can look closely at world domination, with no wires attached. It’s authentic in its build and uses a mix of steel, carbon and the true-to-heart coloration of Iron Man’s real suit. Then, perched above, is the Mark XLVII headset that makes use of a projected holograph technology that responds to eye movement and mostly to voice commands. The Hand-mounted stabilisation jets, combined with the thigh-mounted flare development system provide optimum flight control is something few could behold in the reel world. However, in the real world, it makes perfect sense to use this as you sole combat weapon when the governments of the world charge down on you with their mundane jets. And, to fly in home and share your death-defying attempt with the ladies queued up on your porch, there’s are cameras, mounted on shoulders and wrists for improved flight-safety. There you go iron soldier. Head after the jump for more.

The Iron Man suit is likely to set you back £250,000 (~$380,184). It’s made to measure and is expected to roll out as soon as some hopeful eyes review their calendars to check today’s date.

[Available at – Firebox]