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Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun case is most lethal weapon for self defense

by bharat

It’s not often that you come across a victim who responds with a DIY weapon to safeguard himself the next time around but Seth Froom a victim of robbery is one of them. In the Yellow Jacket iPhone case, Seth has not only devised a weapon for himself, but has all iPhone owners covered. The iPhone case comes with a 650,000 volts stun gun that passes a deathly shock through assailant’s nervous system. Because we all love carrying our iPhones to just about anywhere we go, this iPhone stun gun case can surely be a great deal for self protection.

The iPhone stun gun case is comes with an on/off switch and safety cover so that you don’t accidently stun yourself. To be eventually priced at $125, the Yellow Jacket can also power your iPhone as an additional battery for good 20 hours on standby with the same battery used for the stun gun.


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  1. a great article about the stun gun case and how effective it is


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