Yamaha Bodibeat

by Dhiram Shah

Sticking to a workout regime is a bummer for most people. That’s until a new gadget comes in and fires your passion for a jog through the park. The bonus of course, is that you can show it off to that hot chick running by. The Yamaha BodiBeat won’t let you down my boys; it not only scores on good looks but also packs in some pretty neat features. As Yamaha says “BodiBeat is the world’s first music player/heart rate monitor that selects and plays songs to match the pace of the user’s workout.” The device plays the songs based on the bpm” scale (beats per minute), which in turn determines the “runnability” of each song to select pick out the most suited songs.

Gear up this summer for a BodiBeat experience with Yamaha. Great music, safe running and loads of fun!
Via – Gizmodiva

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