Yamaha releases PAS electric bikes with child safety seats in Japan

by bharat

We’ve seen a plethora of electric bikes in our time, but the PAS electric bicycles released by Yamaha Motor at the National Stadium in Tokyo are surely different from them all. The motor-assisted bicycles may not have a great deal to show in their repertoire but they surely have something to show in the appearance. Released in two versions, one of the Yamaha PAS is the PAS Babby an electric bike with a comfortable child safety seat at the back, while the other PAS Kiss mini has two child safety seats, one on the front and one in the rear.

The bikes developed for young parents who ride their infants to the market or school keep the child stable in all type of bumpy rides and also have a smooth gear and breaking system to let the parent negotiate all kinds of terrain. The PAS bicycles for added safety have a stand on either side to keep the bike stable even in stationary position. Now your toddler is safe on the bike at all times whether it’s moving or it’s motionless. The infant safety seats are available in various colors let your child pick his choice. There is no word on the price yet and it goes without guessing that the PAS bicycles will only be available in Japan.