Xun Chi 138 the worlds smallest phone

by Dhiram Shah

We have seen the race for the slimmest phone with entrants from Motorola, Samsung and NEC though the war still wages on, here we have the world’s smallest phone and surely it is going to be there for quite some time. The Xun Chi 138 is a GSM with bar form factor it measures only 67 mm (2.64 inches) in length a bit longer than the AA battery and weighs only 55 grams. If you thought this was impressive I am sure you will be blown away when you check out what this baby packs inside. As with the tiny size it is impossible for a keypad so the Xun Chi 138 has touchscreen with handwriting recognition and support for 260k colors. The manufacturer has still found space to squeeze in a 1.3 Megapixel camera (actually VGA but interpolated to 1.3 Megapixel), USB port, WAP, GPRS, MP3 player and 138 MB of onboard memory. Maybe the next model will have a Mini SD card slot and Bluetooth.

The Xun Chi 138 is more like a chic phone as it comes in pink color. The stylus neatly fits at the back of the phone. Dont expect the phone to hit the West anytime soon as the Xun Chi 138 supports only Chinese character recognition for now.
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  1. Gaurav Dhar

    I own 2 of these, got them for about 5500 Bath in Bangkok.
    They are simply amazing, worth every penny, refreshing change from an I-mate K Jam!!
    Let me know if you want to know anything about the phone!

  2. Rachel

    That looks amazingly slim and cute.I wanna know more details about it.

  3. Joy

    I want to know about price

  4. Gaurav Dhar

    Hi there guys,
    Well it costs about $150, and for what it is, its totally worth it.
    It comes in Candy Blue and Light Grey (the 2 colours I have it in).
    Its great for taking pictures and video endlessly with 128 MB Built in!
    The headphones for handsfree use are not that great but clear and the MP3 player works very well!
    It can record conversations you have during a phone call or otherwise!
    The games are limited, and using the little screen and pen takes a while to get used to, but is easy after repeated use (i hardly sms anyway!)
    It recognises handwriting very well.
    It doubles as a usb stick and a web cam!
    The web cam is very very good and clear and using it as a usb stick is handy.
    With frequent use the phone battery lasts about 1 and half days, otherwise it lasts about 2-3 days.
    Charging is quick and a spare battery is provided in case you take it with you for long periods without being able to charge your phone again.
    I have it with a 1 one year warranty and gaurentee from the shop i Bought it from!
    Want to know anything else, just let me know.

  5. luqman

    hey i was wondering if it was in english

  6. justme

    can anyone tell me where i can purchase it in china ? seems like no one knows where. help! thanks a lot

  7. khalid

    hi guyz is it available in uk or not… or u can only get it in china only

  8. Ella-Bella

    Hi yall jus wanderin wer i can get 1 ov theese babies! n how much is it cos on ebay if you search okwap you can buy it! but i dont trust buying phones on ebay cos onece i paid &224 and all hey gave me was the wb addy that you can get it from

  9. Rod Herz

    Hey this is great Please let me know where u can get ONE of this Xun Chi 138

  10. bob

    does anyone have one for sale. it would make a great xmas present..let me know

  11. ART

    does anyone know if it will it be available in U.S any time soon

  12. Moi

    Hey is it available in english?

  13. Adam K

    Here’s a place that sells it, I bought a similar phone from them that I’m quite happy with:
    BUT there is a catch, these Chinese phones WILL NOT WORK in the USA, Canada and other places that use different GSM frequencies than are used in Europe, Asia, Australia and much of the rest of the world. The site has a list of countries where it works. Cheers!

  14. gajit

    it has chinese and english languages on it.
    it probably won’t ever be available in the U.S. unfortunately.

  15. ammarah q

    can we puchase this phone in england

  16. H3X3D

    Can someoneget one and place up for bid on ebay as i really want one.

  17. parneet singh

    can i know whats Xun Chi 138 price

  18. Mizuki

    I have one of these now – I got it from a German compnay called MG&C (I think). They were super helpful. Go watch their video review on their site or look it up on youtube.
    You have to use the hands free kit to make calls, and it only works with pcs if you want to use it as a flash drive, but there is loads of space for tunes and videos, which it comes with preloaded (some of them are very weird. Well. Chinese I guess). Its an awesome toy and loads of fun, but not hugely practical and only dual band. I still love it ^-^

  19. johno

    hi all, this phone looks awesome – but how the heck can i get one down under in australia??? if anyone has any ideas pls let me know!

  20. Greg

    Johno – The site that Adam mentioned above, calibryze.com, will ship it worldwide…to Australia, UK, Germany, wherever. I bought one, it really is adorable & fun!

  21. Alex

    Hi all,
    so you cannot use it as a reular phone – one must use the handsfree kit?!

  22. Venetia

    Does anyone know how much it is and where i can get one?

  23. Greg

    Venetia, it costs $235 at:
    I don’t know anywhere else that has it in stock currently.
    Alex, no need to use the handsfree if you don’t want, it has a mic on the bottom! (And quite a loud speaker too)

  24. Meg

    I saw on for auction on ebay…



  26. Erika

    man.. i have had all the phones u can think of…. and now im getting this one….

  27. Zia

    Hi…Any one who will ship this one to India? My wife is already pulling my ears for this phone…Need to get this for her…

  28. raysa

    hi there. is there anyone can provide me this phone? i would like to get probably 2 units. my location is in jakarta, indonesia. please contact me. i’ll be waiting. just leave a message in my latest post blog. http://worldofraysa.blogspot.com/

  29. louie

    were can u get these from and how much do they cost in £s

  30. louie

    were can you get these phones from i had another phone a simislar size a leady x501 but i broke becausee i tripped and cracked the screen i wont 1 of these to replace it wer can you get these from please tell me

  31. Raysa

    to louie: hi louie. i have leady x501 also. can you help me out on telling me how to set up the phone to english language? or can you tell me where is the function to reset the phone back to factory setting? and also with the default PIN to reset it. thank you.
    btw i also have Xun Chi138. hahaha. the phone is fantastic. but you have to calibrate it first. before you do that, you’ll have problem in typing SMS.

  32. gagan gaikwad

    please give me ur contact number i wana order this mobile

  33. Ismail

    I am from India. I am looking for this phone if anyone knows please send a mail to me my mail id is [email protected]

  34. Gemma

    this is gemma. I want 2 know when and where in Texas will these phone be available. I would pay any price.

  35. andrea

    i have just bought an unlocked leady x501 but cant make or receive any calls can you help i am on t mobile in the uk

  36. kirk

    how much would it cost me to get one sent over to england?

  37. Glenda

    i would sooo love to have one… there so cute…

  38. Joe

    On ebay they are offered to have GPS (not GPRS) as well. Someone kindly can confirm this? Thank you very much in advance, Joe

  39. ayman

    I need to get one ,can you let me know what would be the cost to UAE (United arab emirates )

  40. jue

    you can buy this phone for £45 brand new on ebay,it costs an additional 35 quid for shipping from the dealer in china,it is worth every penny and a bargain.i bought one and its fantastic.make sure when you ebay search for it,that you dont opt for unlocked sim,it limits the search results,and they are unlocked anyway…they are brand new not used ..

  41. Greg

    Joe, that’s a typo, the phone has GPRS *not* GPS!
    Ayman, if you can’t get it shipped to UAE from any Ebay sellers, try here:
    Not as cheap as ebay but you get a warranty & return policy, and fast shipping.

  42. Riz

    i want to purchase this phone.what is the procedure?could you please tell me as i am desperate to purchase this phone.

  43. Greg

    Riz: Click the link in my previous comment (just before yours), and scroll to the bottom of that page.

  44. nicola

    You can buy this phone on ebay for £100, my uncle has one and its brilliant.

  45. Don Huynh

    I would like to know how much price that phone is
    Xun Chi 138? hope to hear from ya soon.

  46. allie

    i want one so bad! but i dont know if they work in the usa! also, i dont know if they are english or not!!! can somebody anwser my questions???? I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!!

  47. Noah

    Damn, I really WISH they had these for Unites States. Imagine teh money you can make xD.

  48. m£li$$@

    this phone is soooooo cute i want 1 bad init!!!! it is in english though???

  49. Greg

    Where can I buy one in South Africa

  50. Hayley

    Hi Greg. No one in South Africa sells them. You have to order one online if you want. There is one on bidorbuy for sale under used cellphones.

  51. Hayley

    I am so impressed what such a small phone can do! I really enjoy mine….get rather odd looks from people when I chat on it…they think its a toy? I Love it!! Such a cool phone

  52. cbcompnerd

    I’m just courious, what networks is this phone compatible w/ and how many frequencies does it have. my guess is 1 or 2. is this a gsm phone or does is also come pcs?

  53. eddie

    im getting one.

  54. Robert

    Jaimes do you still have this Phone Xun chi 138???

  55. Tion

    my dadz gt dt phone

  56. Dee

    how much is the phone and where can i get one

  57. romi

    i wnna buy this fone but i m staying in hong kong

  58. TARIQ

    plzzz plzzz i reallly wanaa buy this fone..if anybody have any links except ebay plzzz let me know…[email protected].

  59. foday kamara

    i want this phone. where can i go to order or purchase one.

  60. faiiii

    Hi All
    I got one from a friend but I need some help, how on earth do you turn the volume down?????
    Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseee someone help.

  61. pochi

    oh my lord..i want this phone!
    is this available in the philippines
    already? T-T

  62. Nadia

    can you please tell me, where i can get this phone from? much appreciated, thanks!

  63. sonya Santanos

    can i get one. i’m in the united states. how much will it cost

  64. sonya Santanos

    can i get one. i’m in the united states. how much will it cost

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