xRaider gaming mouse pad- For the ultimate PC MOD.

by yogesh

You may have the best built PC hardware around but nothing says it like when you put some flashing lights all around your hardware. Don’t you want your next lan party to make a statement about who they’re messing with? This Mouse pad may help make the ultimate statement of cool blue or mean green & lets not forget DREAD red!!

Created by Flexiglow, the xRaider gaming mouse pad plug into your USB port and comes in red, green and blue varieties to suit your current mood. An etched plastic border produces a bright glow along edge around the pad, making it really jump off of your desk surface. A dimmer switch on the USB cable lets you adjust the intensity of the light to maybe distract an opponent while you frag him out. Prices ranging from about $19 to $26 USD, depending on the seller.

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