XPAND unveils world’s first personalized 3D glasses

by Shalu Pillai

First they invent universal 3D glasses and then they let you personalize your 3D viewing. Once again the house of XPAND unveils the new YOUNIVERSAL series 3D electronic eyewear allowing users to optimize their 3D experience by modifying the 3D parameters to their preference and to best suit their 3D environments. The glasses offer full HD 3D performance, interoperability between all 3D devices and most definitely comfort and style. A first in 3D evolution, the XPAND smart phone uses its specialized smart phone installed in your Apple iPhone and/or Google Android, communicate with the glasses via infrared, bluetooth, radio frequency or DLP-Link and then addresses the unique differences in the user’s vision, the viewing environment and selection of 3D devices thus creating the ultimate 3D experience!

Available in black, gray and red in male and female sizes, the new YOUNIVERSAL glasses is expected to hit stores in April this year and is sure to help boost the 3DTV market. So, I reckon, next in line would be Xpand 3D sunglasses for a larger-than-life 3D experience. Might have to watch your step there!

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