Xing C7000A a mobile phone which has a cardiagraph and a battery which lasts for 6 months

by Dhiram Shah

China based Qiao Xing Mobile has announced the C7000A a mobile phone which allows the users to perform a basic cardiograph. The mobile phone actually records electric currents associated with contractions of the heart. A boon for heart patients as the they can send their cardiographs to doctors via MMS. The doctor can follow up via a text message and in case of an emergency call the patient directly. The phone has a large 3.0 inch LCD for watching movies and images. Another interesting feature of the handset is its superlong battery life. The phone can run for over 120 days in standby mode without a recharge so users can continue to take out cardiographs long before recharging. The People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China has already announced plans to gift the phone to its VIP customers.

According to Mr. Wu Zhi Yang, Chairman of Qiao Xing Mobile, ”We dedicate a large amount of resources to our efforts to develop highly differentiated handsets. The C7000A is a result of these efforts. It represents a breakthrough in the use of mobile handset technology. No longer are handsets only tools for entertainment and communication. We have been able to incorporate a piece of advanced medical technology that could possibly save lives. It is this kind of differentiating handset feature that we continually strive to offer to our customers in China.”
Not sure if the phone will ever make out of the Middle Kingdom. Pricing is not known yet.