Xeric: The Meteoric Rise of Truly Astounding Timepieces

by dhiram

“A gentleman’s choice of timepiece says as much about him as does his Saville Row suit”. Ian Fleming
There are common wristwatches, and there are sophisticated timepieces. The difference between the two? One tells time and is functional.
The other tells time, commands respect, is considered sophisticated and stylish, is worn by only classy gentlemen who know and understand that their watches are meant to tell more than just time, and could even go on to become an heirloom that you hand over to your offspring.

This is why real men of class and exquisite tastes, often wear uncommon, unusual timepieces that standout and attract envy.
There’s something mysterious about a man who knows how to wear a timepiece and does it so well. And when people cannot fathom how to get such a gorgeous timepiece, it often adds to the mystery and sophistication.

Finding out that you’re wearing the same wristwatch as the other guy in the room is always a letdown –no matter how expensive it is. If you’ve experienced this in the past, odds are that you felt your heart sinking when you saw it on the other guy.

Boring wristwatches are not in vogue anymore. You should leave your admirers wondering about your timepiece.

Your wristwatch can and should set you apart from everyone else in the room. It should add to your sophistication and gentility.

Yet time and again, people go for the boring, regular, if expensive wristwatches, yet cringe when they see the same watch on another person within 5 feet of them.

Like it or not, there’s something about being the only guy in the room wearing a classy wristwatch. This is why the privileged few go out of their way to buy super expensive wrist watches. However, timepieces don’t have to be pricey to be outstanding.

Introducing the Xeric Soloscope Quartz
In 2009, brothers Mitch and Andrew Greenblatt teamed up to create world class but affordable timepieces for the truly discerning watch collector and enthusiast.
This is why they branched out of running a regular wristwatch ecommerce business and went into developing truly unique, market-disrupting timepieces for the classy gentleman, essentially taking them from watch curators to creators.
Their passion for exquisite watches birthed the Xeric line of gorgeous timepieces. Their latest effort in creating innovative timepieces is the Soloscope Quartz.

This campaign has already shattered their Kickstarter goal of $25,000 and already had over 575 backers who had contributed a total exceeding $135,000 to the campaign. This is not surprising seeing these timepieces boast of bold innovative designs not seen anywhere else, as well as affordable price points.

People who are interested can pledge anything from $199 to over $1100. They represent different levels of backing and each comes with its unique perks and benefits.

The Greenblatts are consistently pushing new boundaries and breaking new innovation grounds through their newest Soloscope Quartz offering. This completely knocks the former designs out of the park and introduces a new frontier in gorgeous but affordable timepieces.

Quick Review of the Soloscope Quartz
Buyers can choose from the wide array of masterfully crafted world class Soloscope Quartz timepieces. While they’re not cheap, they aren’t ridiculously expensive either. We’re of the strong conviction that you can be classy and stylish without burning a hole in your pockets.

Both the RQ & SQ carry the salient design features of the Soloscope Automatic line: a single hand, fusing hours and minutes in a distinctive display balancing style and function. The Halo Hand encircles the hour and points to the minutes.

The unusually curved ergonomic case of the SQ maintains the streamlined aesthetic of the original Soloscope Automatic while the thin cylindrical disc design of the SQ collection features some impeccable finishing of brushed and polished layered stainless steel.

Two offset sub-dial discs showcase 24 hour time and a 60 second stopwatch disc.

Oftentimes, too many watchmakers drop the ball by offering lackluster straps. Xeric’s are outstanding, as they’ve teamed up with historic American Tannery Horween for some great leather straps in undeniably chic colorways.

Stand out from everyone by wearing one of the most elegant wristwatches on earth. Become the cynosure of all eyes and the envy of everyone in the room with our unique brand of world class limited edition wristwatches, exquisitely designed to make you the man you’ve always desired to be.
Come join the exclusive club of select gentlemen who value and appreciate unique timepieces and live the luxury lifestyle.