Xbox Real Murder Controller Underlines Link Between Video Games and Violence

by iona

Considering UK politicians were up in arms over the latest Medal of Honor video game, which allows you to play as a character from the Taliban, I am curious to know what they will make of the new Real Murder Controller for the Xbox 360. Everything from the name, to the look, to the feel of this controller screams extreme violence. Splattered with realistic fake blood, this controller is seriously gruesome. For added realism, the controller has a set of 9mm bullet holes where the standard A, B, X and Y buttons can usually be found. To make things a little more exciting, there’s even a special 8-mode rapid fire feature, so you not only look like you have been in a battle, but you can really intensify your gaming battle experience. Horrific. This controller can only help fuel the argument that video games intensify violent behavior.

The Real Murder Controller is priced at $125, thankfully out of the price range of most under-18s.

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