X & Y Light Pots enhances your plants with a soothing glow

by deepa

What has triggered the designer’s grey cells to name them X & Y Light Pots? Only Giuseppe Colonna Romano (the designer) can unveil the secret to it. However I can tell you that they are pots for plants but with lights. The double walled design separates the two main components – water and light. Rendering subtle glow to your garden or patio, you can also opt for your choice of light by installing the bulb of your choice. The only difference in X and Y pots is that the former one is cylindrical in shape while the latter is rectangular. (Can some one throw more light on the ideology behind their names?) To bring more green in to your house, you also can place them indoors.

Priced at $280, I think it’s a little more for a glowing pot.
Via – Gizmodiva

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