Write on your pillow, without damages!

by Gareth Mankoo

What’s the first thing you often end up looking at when you wake up? No it’s not your jangling alarm clock or your snoring girlfriend, it’s very rarely the ceiling fan too. Often it happens to be your pillow that you’ve dug your face into. So, instead of keeping reminders miles away on your computer, or on a sticky board that’s in another room, how about writing them down on your pillow? This cool pillow comes with a special pen that should be placed at a reachable distance lest you forget that lovely dream you just had and want to note it down before that happens. To erase it, all you have to do is remove the pillow cover and wash it under cool water. You do not need any kind of detergent for the same.

It’s a good little surprise trick for your girlfriend to show her how much you miss her when you’re away bowling with the guys. $24.

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