Wrap a Nap provides comforts of your pillow, anytime-anywhere

by Shalu Pillai

Ever been through that painful process of trying to take a nap, to be interrupted by a painful jerk of the neck or too much light in your eyes? Not to mention never able to take a proper power nap after lunch, at work? Well no more worries as ‘magical’ Wrap-a-Nap (WAN) is here. The WAN is a makeshift long pillow that hugs your head with gentle pressure, giving you the relief of complete darkness, soft muffled noise and 360 degrees of pillow protection – perfect for a nap anytime, anywhere. Made of plush minky fleece and squishy polyfill, the WAN’s luxurious softness is complemented by extended Velcro fasteners allowing variation in fit and pressure. You can wear them your headphones or around your forehead as a reading pillow. For those with a troubled neck, it can act as a neck brace, but softer and less humiliating.

Practical, portable, and simple are its key aspects and for only $14.99, the WAN makes the ideal sleep partner, whether crammed in an airplane or after your picnic at the park. We’re sure the boss won’t mind either, just make sure you get him one too!

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