WowWee launches the Cinemin series of pocket projectors at CES 09

by mohsin

WowWee has just gone ahead and announced its new line of portable projectors called Cinemin, and like the majority of other micro projectors in the market, the Cinemin line will be powered by Texas Instruments’ DLP Technology that offers superior image quality. The Cinemin projectors were specially designed to function with popular mobile devices including the iPod and iPhone. They are so small you can fit them in a pocket and turn anything into a projector screen. WowWee has three different models on display at CES – the Cinemin Swivel is a lightweight candy bar projector, about the size of a cigarette packet. It offers three hours of battery life per charge and a 90-degree hinge for ceiling projection. The Cinemin Stick is much the same, featuring internal memory and an SD card slot.


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