Would you pay $1300 for a Chess Board made from Lego?

by Shayne Rana

Now one would image that Lego is no more than a child’s play toy, to help inculcate a sense of creativity in a child and of course one would be quite correct. But these days Lego has become so much more. It was just recently that we came across a robot made of Lego that was capable of making anything you want with Lego, so it’s also a ‘science’ now? But as much of a Toy as it may have started off being, some of the things people make out of Lego aren’t cheap. Take this for example, one Derek Seiple makes quite a good living it seems just making Lego chess sets and selling them on Etsy. It’s a three week process of Derek to build a 22.75-inches board that’s 1-inch thick with 2.25-inch squares using a total of 4,000 Lego pieces. If you’re not into the whole conservative Black & White theme you could choose your own colors since these are made to order sets. The price tag is the most disturbing thing about these chess sets. They’re priced at a whopping $1,295 with an additional $50 for shipping. I think I’ll stick to the cheap plastic sets.