World’s only Batmobile with a turbine engine, designed by Casey Putsch

by Gavril Mankoo

Batmobile replicas have showed up before. None of those really left us all that awe-struck as this one however. Designed by Casey Putsch from Putsch Racing, this 1989 Batmobile replica is more than just a carefully modeled body fitted with a trashy old car engine. Instead, it makes use of a mind-blowing-loud turbine engine and interiors good enough to make Batman dump his current tank-like vehicle. The only turbine-powered Batmobile in the world, this one uses a Boeing turboshaft engine with a power output of 385 horsepower and sleek interiors complete with an Apple iPad that doubles up as a avionics system and GPS navigation. With something like this sitting in your driveway, you’re sure to have your neighbors spying on you during the night time, waiting to see if you really turn into the masked Dark Knight.