World’s First Techno-Surgery Performed by Doctor Bots

by iona

I don’t know what’s scarier – entrusting your prostate surgery to a robot, or entrusting it to a pair of robots called DaVinci and McSleppy. DaVinci is a surgery bot which can be controlled by doctors from remote locations, allowing them to conduct surgery in absentia, as it were. McSleepy, an anesthesiologist bot, promises precisely configured care according to the needs of each patient undergoing a surgical procedure. DaVinci and McSleppy successfully worked together on a pilot prostate surgery and it looks likely they will be teaming up in operating rooms again in the near future. As well as claiming to be more precise robot surgeons are steadier and less invasive than a human doctor. They could also cut operating room stress levels. Team the dr-bots up with an iPad and surgery looks set to be a truly techno experience.

Researchers are planning further trials of DaVinci and McSleppy to test robotic surgery and robotic anesthesia across a variety of different surgeries and patients.
[Gearfuse And Popsci]

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