Worlds First Carbon Fiber Macbook ?

by Dhiram Shah

Macbooks are great and the new Core 2 Duo ones are simply fantastic, but the only complaint against them is the limited availability of colors. Of course there is Colorware but spending $ 450 coloring a $ 1500 Macbook does not make sense to all. Rogotoko thought the same and went the extra mile to customize his new Macbook with Carbon Graphix a vinyl sticker material that looks like real carbon fiber and it is quite durable. The best part is unlike paint it can be removed easily and does not void the warranty.
(More pics after the jump)

It looks amazing and I get all kinds of looks with it now. With a lack of professional looking finishes for the Macbook, I think this will become a popular mod.



  1. Donovan

    Not sure if this is the stuff, but there is a carbon fiber vinyl sticker that actually has a texture to it, so it really looks and feels like carbon fiber! Or you could go all out and get a carbon fiber veneer.

  2. DIY Carbon Fiber MacBook

    While it may look like the Giz was visited by one of Apple’s little elves, what you’re looking at is actually an ordinary MacBook. Albeit one that’s in disguise. Tired with the MacBook’s lack of color options, an inventive…

  3. Donnell

    that looks pretty clean. is that available to the public?

  4. Charles Bullock

    I wanna know where to buy the stickers, i want my pro to be different


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