World’s first aerosol fruit drink, a tasty spray of orange delight

by Gavril Mankoo

Long since we can remember, beverages have always been sipped, from bottles, cups, glasses, mugs and the like. Never before did we ever think of beverages showing up in aerosol cans though. Now we’ve had whipped cream and shaving cream being filled into aerosol cans before, and we’ve all had our moments of spraying these out at random, during drunken parties and such. Well, with the Turbo Tango, aerosol cans get tastier than calorie-ridden whipped cream and unconsumable shaving cream! The brainchild of Britvic, this is the world’s first aerosol fruit drink to ever surface on the earth. Costing about $2.50 for a 375ml bottle with an orange flavor, this one’s sure to make it big amongst youngsters, and punch a bigger hole in the ozone too.


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