World’s business servers processed 9.57 zettabytes till date

by Gavril Mankoo

Ever notice how looking closely into the working of things that play an important role in our day to day lives leaves us thoroughly amazed, like say, the food processing done at McDonalds and such? Well, here’s another one of those amazing events that took place three years ago, with just about all of us participating in it, without having noticed it. Three years ago, the world’s 27 million business servers processed roughly about 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of information, in short, 9.57 zettabytes. And for those who love numerical facts, all that ‘s enough information to fill a 5.6-billion-mile-high stack of books stretching from Earth to Neptune and back to Earth, repeated about 20 times. A hell lot of information that is!

In future by the year 2024, researchers predict that the world’s servers will process enough information to fill up a stack of books extending more than 4.37 light-years to Alpha Centauri! Jaw-dropped already? Little did we know that the internet processed so much information!

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