World’s first VR cinema opens up in Amsterdam

by Gareth Mankoo

An image of Marc Zuckerberg walking past a hall filled with people wearing VR headsets made the rounds recently. While such a gathering would belong only in a psycho-thriller (and that picture, of course), it will soon be commonplace across the world. The world’s first VR cinema is set to open up in Amsterdam and will bring with it, a world of experiences for a number of first timers who will discover the technology. It will be a rather strange place to be as there is no giant screen like a normal cinema hall. Instead, it will have rows of swivel chairs that will offer 360-degree experiences to guests. Samsung Gear headsets will be used across the hall and it will be paired with Sennheiser headsets. Each movie will last for about 30 minutes and at any point in time, about 50 people will be accommodated.

It’s simply called the Virtual Reality Cinema and is the idea of the company that has been setting up pop-up VR cinemas across Europe. Tickets will go for 12.50 Euro (under $14). The company plans to open similar such setups in London, Paris, Berlin and Madrid.

[ Via : Slashgear ]

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