World’s fastest maglev toy train created by Takara Tomy; to be priced at just $98!

by Gavril Mankoo

Men love toys, particularly toys that are a hell lot more than just toys. Take this toy for example. Built by Takara Tomy, this one uses maglev technology, the same used by those extremely fast trains you’ve probably ridden in East Asia or watched in an Anime. Basically, this toy is a maglev train that’s capable of putting every toy train built in the history of mankind to shame. The toy can reach speeds of up to 600 KPH (relative to its scale) and to the untrained eye, is nothing but a quick blur!

The train uses its own magnet that levitates it off the plastic track. The track is also laced with magnets, enabling the toy to follow the principles of magnetism to the fullest and do things most of us have never seen a toy do. The air-cushion created between the train and the plastic track reduces friction to such an extent, that the toy zips around quicker than you can scream “maglev”! The train will hit store-shelves by 2015 and will come with a price tag of approximately $98. Also, we don’t recommend you buy one of these for your offspring, at least until he/she is old enough to spell “magnetic levitating train” in less than ten seconds.




[Via – Engadget]