You won’t be able to get off the Sanko Zero Gravity Chair with Smartphone holder

by Shruti Shree

After a stressful day of work, most of us just want to lie down on the couch at home and watch TV. A new chair called Sanko which is a Zero Gravity Chair is thousand times better than your couch. Don’t go by the name, this chair does not defy gravity but the recliner assumes a certain position which distributes the user’s weight across the chair. This reduces the stress on your body in such an effective manner that you feel weightless as a result. The recliner position of the chair mimics the posture of the astronauts that they take during lift-offs while venturing into space. Sanko helps to reduce pressure on the spine and eases muscle tension. If you are one of those people who are inseparable from their smartphones or iPads and dozing off on a chair is not your thing, then Sanko also has a flexible arm on which you can attach your favourite lovey gadget and watch movies or videos hands free in the zero gravity state. For your utmost comfort, the flexible arm can be moved to any position you wish. For recharging your favourite gadget, two USB ports 1A and 2A are also available near the elbow. The chair can be transformed into a rocking chair by push of a single button located near the footrest.

The chair weighs 24 kgs and its dimensions in the folded positions are: 730 × 940 × 460mm (width × depth × height), the length of the arm rest is 640mm. The Sanko Zero Gravity chair will be selling in Japan for yen 39,900 (including taxes).

OPTPiX Image

OPTPiX Image

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