Withings body scale, with Wi-Fi connectivity

by monali

Wi-Fi connectivity is slowly becoming a way of life for many and who would’ve thought it will crawl in to a weighing scale! The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie and has Wi-Fi connectivity. This Wi-fi connectivity is used to transfer your current weight and body fat measurements to a Web dashboard which can later be accessed with a free iPhone app. These constant readings may inspire you to lose some more weight and hit the gym regularly. While most people are scared to face the music and actually step on a weighing scale, this scale with Wi-Fi connectivity is not that appealing. The $183 price tag may also make people stay away from these scales as looking into a mirror is a cheaper option than that. If the company uses the Wi-Fi connectivity to help users connect to their social networking accounts and give incentives for every pound they lost, the scale might serve the purpose.

Via – [Gizmodiva]

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