Wireless charging at airports seats from PowerKiss

by Shalu Pillai

We live in a world that’s clearly smaller and better connected today. And nothing is more important than to keep our tools charged all the time, every time. And on a mission to keep us charged is Finnish startup PowerKiss that builds wireless chargers into furniture. The company has announced a partnership with airport seating supplier Zoeftig that will see mobile users being able to charge their phones while they wait to board a plane or train. PowerKiss makes a small receiver (the Ring), which is plugged into your mobile phones, while an electrical transmitter, which is built into a piece of furniture like a table. You place your device on the table and it charges wirelessly. Currently, the Ring is only available for phones, but PowerKiss plans to add new receivers for laptops. It works on the principal of resonating field induction that creates an electromagnetic field around the Heart transmitter. The Ring receiver adapts the current produced by the field to the requirements of the mobile device.

The company is currently targeting public places like airports, hotels, restaurants and conferences, while they already have a partnership with travel food specialists SSP to roll out wireless charging in the restaurants of 30 airports. Brace yourself guys, it’s the digital revolution.