The Wipebook is a sustainable and smart notebook from the future

by Gareth Mankoo

When it comes to penning down notes, all our hardwork and learning is generally documented in cumbersome spiral-bound pages that run on and on until one day, we find no use for the content in them. Then comes the heartbreaking proposition of discarding our notes and that’s where we hesitate. As a result, we end up hoarding piles of old, useless notes that we could rather do without. So what’s a solution? Write notes on white boards maybe. They are easy to erase and using a number of colorful pens to illustrate our thoughts is always a delight. But then again, white boards aren’t portable. Enter the Wipebook 2.0. The genius idea of incorporating the function of a whiteboard in smaller pages that can also store written content for as long as you may, was up for funding on Kickstarter. It goes without saying that the project was funded and the Wipebook 2.0 is now available for the masses. It offers 50 pages in a variety of styles, from ruled, to graph to plain paper and can serve in recording notes and ideas on the fly, which can later be erased without leaving remnants of grey on its pages. The spiral binding is detachable so that you can easily scan pages from the book. Last, but not the least, it saves many a tree and is an excellent a surface to draw on.


The Wipebook 2.0 notebook is available for $40.

[ Available at : Wipebook ]

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