Windows Phone 7 Mango Update shuns physical buttons

by ruchi

Just a couple of days back we told you about the leak of Nokia’s upcoming Windows phone that is code-named as “Sea Ray.” This WP7 flagship handset didn’t show any trace of physical buttons and we assumed this was probably the vendor’s choice. But the recent updates tell us otherwise. The design guidelines of WP7 Mango update clearly says there won’t be any hardware buttons on the front and the chosen vendors will roll out such phones.

Apart from Nokia, even Samsung, LG and HTC too will follow those guidelines and make phones without any front hardware buttons. The Mango Update which is set to release in fall this year claims to bring in as much as 500 features for its handsets and feature deeper integration with the Xbox LIVE ecosystem. As reports suggest, Microsoft, with its latest range of WP7 handsets, will soon dis-crown Apple in the smartphone market

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