Windows Mobile 6.5 to land in Italy on a Samsung Armani!

by Dhiram Shah

Oh boy, how I have looked forward to that beautiful honeycomb menu system with those lovely, well spaced icons and sleek interface. But no I will have to row my canoe to Venice, for the much awaited Windows Mobile 6.5 OS is likely to land there. And guess what, it’s going to be a cool Armani phone – the Samsung rendition, to be precise – that will be getting it in. There are no details of what the handset is likely to look like but we can start guessing.

The Samsung Armani phone is likely to get to Milan by the 11th of this month. WM 6.5 has intimidated me almost as much as the newest Symbian operating systems have. This news however isn’t the freshest. There were talks of the same sometime in February this year.

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