Windows Phone 8 offers People Hub Rooms, Xbox Music

by Gareth Mankoo

Windows Phone 8 has pretty much lived up to high expectations bestowed upon it by ever- curious geeks. The additions range from better communication channels to enhanced navigation and also better utility. We, for once, are quite impressed by the many good things bestowed up on fans who have religiously counted days to the auspicious launch. Let’s look at all the features independently. Head after the jump for elaborations.

Greater social connectivity with People Hub Rooms
With the growing usage of social media on mobile platforms and even wider usage on PCs, the idea of an operating system that felicitates the same is not surprising at all. Microsoft have added a new flavor to their existing offering in the form of ‘Rooms’. This will add personal spaces for people to interact and share media and event information, in addition to the benefits of People Hub. This could be as useful as BBM should Microsoft add WP adoption of the platform.

Smarter data usage monitoring with DataSense
Many users of the Android ICS platform still swear by the advantages of app-wise data usage monitoring. Microsoft have adopted this in their new OS with DataSense. Additionally, they also added a data limit notification, website compression for optimum data space utilization, and automated Wi-Fi checks to ensure you’re data plan isn’t overused.

Finer parental controls at Kid’s Corner
Microsoft has always concentrated on enhanced parental controls to keep a tab on what the young ones see and have access to. Kid’s Corner now bring parental controls to the mobile space. This feature simply creates a new spot for your kids, in your phone, where only designated applications by you will be present and utilized to the fullest. The system will hide messages received while your kid is having his junior time with your phone, as will images, video and other media.

Xbox Music integration
Unlimited music streams are something quite a few music fans still dig into. The integration of Xbox Music brings to life the possibility of live streaming along with the ability to purchase music.

The new OS now supports an enhanced camera app that makes it more of a Camera Hub. Apps can now hook into the functionality of the app. You can now dive into the wonderful world of filters and the like.

It’s most likely that the all new Windows 8 platform will bring a lot more to user experiences. A deserved reward for loyalists who to this day swear by its abilities.

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