Willie bus concept is trippy, functional and has LCD screens for a body

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s good to take a giant step out of the conventional and make ordinary seem cool. That’s what the ‘Willie’ bus concept is all about. Designed by Tad Orlowski , the concept is aimed at “transforming city landscapes.” How they do this could be a pretty interesting prospect. As the video at the source shows, the bus’ orgaric frame is specially contorted into all sorts of shapes, so as to create “an impression of restless energy attempting to cut through the unblemished surface of the glass.” The glass in this case is actually a screen. How this can be leveraged is by enabling digital advertisements, which can be rotated and updated on a frequent basis.

There’s no word about the Willie bus making it into production. Though it will effectively light up city landscapes and offer information on the go (like the doors that inform boarding passengers about the next stop) it could also prove to be a major distraction to motorists and pedestrians.








[Via- Autoblog]

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