Will the Samsung Galaxy S III be the first big player to get rid of buttons?

by Gareth Mankoo

The idea of a device without the physical function key is quite a kick for a few major players in the smartphone rat race. Yet, we see some substantial delay in the whole process with nothing really happening on that front. Now we have Samsung Galaxy S III, in the horizon, and promising to land here with a body that needs no buttons. So are we looking at an Ice Cream Sandwich phone that does away with just about every physical button? The leaked image here stuns us, merely because of the date on the display. We’re referring to the allegedly leaked image here. There seems to be enough proof that it may be a forged one. The work of a smart hand at Photoshop.

Or maybe we are looking at some attempt to represent and for some reasons unknown to us, violate the secrecy of Samsung and let us in on the date of the announcement of such a phone. Rumors, I tell you!