Will.i.am introduces 14-mp camera attachment for iPhones

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s a silent buzz going around as awestruck eyes widen in surprise at how amazing the Will.i.am iPhone attachment really is. At a launch event in London the Black Eyed Peas front man went on to unveil devices under the brand name foto.sosho. These are available with interchangeable lenses, built-in flash, software support for editing and of course, social media sharing. As of now, it only supports the iPhone 4 but the iPhone 5 version is likely in tow. Users will have to connect with one another using the ‘i.am‘ website and will have Instagram-like capabilities.

The foto.sosho camera attachment for the iPhone 4 will comes as the C.4 and V.4 and will cost £199 and £299 (~$320 and $480).


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