WiFi tracking Smart Bins can display passerby-specific advertisement and content

by Sayan Chakravarty

Marketers keep looking for creative and innovative ideas to build effective campaigns. You might soon cross recycling bins that’ll project content specific to you. This kind of target advertising was only limited to internet up till now which uses cookies to store browsing data and patterns and show ads accordingly. Something similar is being tested in the real world to project more user specific content on outdoors ad signs. A dozen out of a couple of hundred smart bins with displays that were put up in London before the 2012 Olympic Games have been fitted with sensors that’ll detect smartphones with WiFi switched on.

The upgraded smart bins will be able to detect the passerby’s smartphone through its WiFi and recognize it through its unique identification number. No personal data theft is possible through it but it can manage to detect the phone’s manufacturer and model number. Currently, it is being used to chart smartphone market share of various companied in London. Check the video to get an idea of it. It can potentially transform the whole OOH advertising model.

[Via – Mashable]

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