Why buy a mini-jet when you can own a submarine?

by Gareth Mankoo

Give your family something more worthwhile to gloat about than an ordinary golf course or blimp or mini airplane. These are all passé. This is the age of the obscenely showy rich stuff and you don’t want to be thinking of anything lesser than this fascinating glass bubble that is referred to as a submarine by the creators. The makers are Raonhaje and their contraption is a great way to take the family for an underwater exploration during the weekends. It doesn’t really leave the surface of the water but places the cockpit below the surface, so that though the hull’s floating, the riders are submerged and dry. Being electric ensures no fuel poo in the water body and all it takes is a 6-10 hour charge to give you 4 hours cruising.

It speeds at anything between five to ten knots. There’s no mention of price, as yet but I’m guessing it’s an expensive affair.

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