Why Are Car Seats Uncomfortable?

by dhiram

With most American families covering at least 25 miles and one hour behind the wheel daily, car seats should ideally be comfortable. Research by Citroen also found that comfort is the second factor in the price for new car buyers. Unfortunately, despite such importance, most car models’ car seats are uncomfortable, mainly because manufacturers compromise comfort for safety and manufacturing costs.

Apart from adjusting the headrest, seat, or lumbar support to make your seat comfortable, you should consider purchasing seat covers by Make. Below are a few reasons your car seats are not comfortable.

Poor Seat Design
Regardless of your car model, manufacturers design car seats to be small and unobtrusive, compromising their comfort. Very few seats, primarily those meant for luxury cars, are designed for comfort. Such seats are larger and padded than conventional seats. They also have headrests and lumbar support.

If you will be spending much time behind the wheel, you should prioritize the car seats’ comfort before making a purchase. The first seat feature to consider for better comfort is lumbar support. Seats with lumbar support provide excellent back support. Comfortable seats should also have a padded headrest to cushion and support your head.

Most car seats don’t have enough padding
Unfortunately, most car seats lack adequate padding, which leads to discomfort and soreness over time. This can especially affect children who aren’t used to spending much time in the car. Always confirm the padding on your car seat before buying. If you don’t feel the padding is comfortable, consider buying seat covers with adequate padding.

How to Improve your Car Seat’s Comfort
Since you can’t enjoy driving uncomfortably, consider the following tips to improve your car seat’s comfort:

Correct the height of your car seat
Most drivers don’t know that adjusting their seats can improve their comfort. With proper adjustment, you should easily see the road ahead without straining or hunching down for a clear view. While making these adjustments, make sure your knees maintain above the hips. Your knees shouldn’t touch the bottom of the seat. Instead, there should be at least two fingers in space from the seat.

Adjust the back of your seat
You should adjust the seat’s posture to avoid possible back problems. Seats are often reclined, and most drivers don’t know the consequences of driving long-distance in a reclined position. To adjust the back of your seat, position your shoulders directly above the hip to center your body.

Set the steering wheel
Adjusting the steering wheel of your car also improves comfort. Positioning the steering wheel correctly ensures that your hands won’t get tired even after driving for long distances, and your body remains in a comfortable position. Always sit comfortably before adjusting the steering wheel.

Before self-driving cars take over, you should watch out for your comfort when driving. However, with the sad reality that most car seats aren’t comfortable, choosing the best car seat covers is probably the best way to improve comfort in your cockpit. The best seat cover should be made from quality leather and extra padded for unmatched comfort.