Which of these German automobile pronunciations are you getting right?

by Gareth Mankoo

There’s a never-ending debate between auto-loving friends who debate not about what the specifications and competition between cars could be like, but about how names of cars from Germany and Italy are correctly pronounced. Putting it all to rest, here’s a little lesson on how do you correctly pronounce the names of German carmakers, the German way. While we do get Volkswagen, Mercedes and Porsche nearly correct, the real surprise is in how we manage to get the abbreviated named wrong. Don’t miss out on the way kind Thomas pronounces BMW and AMG; you will be amazed.

This can be a major reputation boost to you as a car lover because the next time you pronounce the name of a German car, the German way and someone says you’re wrong, you can simply give them a knowing smile and walk away. Do check the video and let us know how many of these were you getting right in the first place.

[ Via : Freshnessmag ]