When bug repellents fail, wear a net in Japan

by Gareth Mankoo

The bugs of today have immunized themselves against bug sprays, repellents and creams. What does happen when we overdo these thwarting mediums are allergies and lung problems, but the bugs, well, they have their rosy days counting. So we turn to Japan for a solution that is so full-proof that it has you covered from your tallest hair to the bottom of your feet. The new bug suit by Japan’s Bibilabs is just what it is supposed to be, a wearable net that keeps the bugs outside and you unbitten inside. Called the Netsman, the material is polyester netting, tightly weaved to ensure that there are no inlets for the pests. The openings are just 1 mm in size, yet, the makers recommend that the paranoid also douse the suit in insect repellent.

There are zippers to get in and out of these and also a butt zipper to facilitate pooping comfortably. The Netsman sells for about $53 through online Japanese retailers. You can get this in various sizes, up to 180 cm.

[Via – Geek]