What do you gift a biology-grad bimbo?

by Gareth Mankoo

It isn’t too hard to get jiggy with it when your lover is a woman who needs some chemical formula mumble-jumble all the time. Simply get her this bacterial (not anti-bacteria) soap that has the right number of bacteria impressions to get her geekiness tingling. These soaps are the brainchild of Houston’s CleanerScience. There are some glow in the dark surprises among these too. Let her figure out the names of the microbes she spots, you meanwhile, can grab that precious 6 minutes you needed to call your mistress and tell her it’s hard to catch up this evening.

To add to the effect to the whole thing, there are some smaller soap-pieces that resemble blood cells. They’re called ‘erythrocytes’, if you need to sound cool while gifting them to her.

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