What happens when Apple’s Jony Ive designs a Leica

by Gareth Mankoo

One thinks of Jony Ive and thee wide number of sleek gizmos he has brought forth and wonders. What if he were given a challenging object like a camera, to design? The result isn’t far from surprising our eager eyes. The Apple designer will design a single Leica camera that will later be put up for auction in collaboration with U2’s Bono. The proceeds of the same will go to a charitable cause. He will use the all new Leica M9-P as the base. Now the question arises, with the M already selling a white version, what color scheme will Jony use to keep up to Apple fanboys expectations?
The official unveiling will surely bring forth nothing short of wonderment. We wish Sir Ive the best and a fine experience to all Leica fans.


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