WellDoc iPhone app keeps tabs on your blood sugar

by Gavril Mankoo

Well, you don’t need your spouse to keep bugging you to check up on your diabetic condition anymore, not when you’ve got this seemingly annoying iPhoneapp! With all the apps for diabetes currently on the market, how does this one stack up?” A Sync application called WellDoc, this one encourages, or rather, persuades people with diabetic conditions to log their meals and glucometer results into the app and keeps tab on it all. Forgetting to do so has the app dial Sync services via Bluetooth resulting in an automated yes-and-no dialogue that persuades you into keeping your blood-sugar level stable. And yes, if your blood-sugar levels go over the roof and is detected by WellDoc, it automatically sends a text message to your emergency contact, informing the persons concerned that you’re on your way home.

With an app like this, you’ve got yourself a health-instructor on the go! No news on the pricing for this application for now, though we’re pretty sure it’s worth every dime.

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