We just missed having these decapitated Star Wars Bluetooth speaker heads

by Gareth Mankoo

You would exclaim when you set your eyes on the C-3PO and Stormtrooper heads you see here. But all would be well when they began humming your favorite sound score from the movies. These decapitated heads of the Star Wars characters were actually AC Worldwide’s official Bluetooth speakers. The speakers were up on Kickstarter for funding. Special attention was paid to the authenticity of the design so as to meet and match the design benchmarks set by George Lucas and team. Both speakers offered high quality sound and have 2.1 audio. Behind the eyes of both heads lay the two tweeters, hidden in the depths. In addition to this, the woofer was down-facing to offer some ground pounding bass. Users could connect via Bluetooth or by using the aux input.

star wars bluetooth speakers 2
You may have noticed we spoke of all this in the past tense. That’s because this could have been a possibility if the project wasn’t cancelled on the funding platform. However, the project was fully funded and the makers seem to be assuring everyone that they’re going to get their money’s worth soon.
star wars bluetooth speakers 3

star wars bluetooth speakers 4

star wars bluetooth speakers 5

[ Via : Designboom ]