Watch choppers go electronic with the Detonator leading the charge

by Gareth Mankoo

Chopper enthusiasts like it raw. Just why we haven’t really seen anything of the likes of this. The Detonator is one of the first electronic choppers. This is the work of the Parker Brothers who are known for their replica of the Tron Light Cycle. Designed by Daniel Simon, the accomplished, former-Volkswagen designer, the Detonator packs a 30-inch front wheel, 27-inch rear wheel, dual 96 volt electric motors, li-ion batteries that charge in an hour, and a top speed of at least 120 mph. Riding a bike that’s this mean and just under 12-feet long is plain sinful.

The Detonator is for sale in the US, Europe and Saudi Arabia for $100,000. Don’t mistake one zipping past you to be a car though.