Wan Shot: Welcome to the age of the instant soup dispenser

by Gareth Mankoo

Coffee machines and printer chambers were where all the hot action in office triggered off. Of course, a cup of coffee doesn’t last long enough to extend small talk, nor does the shooting out of printers. So, we should be thankful to the makers of the One Shot Miso Soup dispenser, a cool hot soup-making machine that is likely to be commonplace in offices. Developed by Japanese soup maker Marukome, this one’s perfect for small restaurants, cafes and offices. It can manage 50-100 bowls of soup for daily consumption. It’s christened Wan Shot (blame accents) is designed to make those specific soups that the company endorses (and none else?). The pouch within it is pre-loaded and a simple tap of the button on the front of the unit is all it takes to get your snack pouring.

The idea is a good sell and we’re already buying into it. Now imagine all those lovely talks over piping hot soup, forgetting the way it promises to burn your fingers raw and passions deep. We wish you luck, you lucky few.


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