Wall Cock Makes telling Time Difficult and Costly

by Shayne Rana

A wall clock isn’t merely a device that one hangs on a wall to tell the time. It can also be a fashion statement or even a status symbol depending on what it’s made of or what it costs. Haute Couture will always be a little elusive to the masses as fashion but it’s a genre that isn’t going anyplace. With this in mind, recently a clock, or sorts was spotted that looks like it could have been made from regular materials found around the home or garage rather. What seems to be an ordinary cycle chain with copper numbers is attached to a motor which is set to rotate in a timely manner to depict the current time.

The reason you could consider this to be some sort of a high class fashion statement is because of its $2,300 pricing. This, the Catena Wall Clock does in no way seem like it was designed to tell time, it does have a minor artistic or rather, a metaphoric look to it. But your guess would be as good as mine if you could tell what time it is.
How many ways can one create a simple clock? It would seem that the possibilities are quite endless. My latest find is this eccentric piece which features the hours on a bike chain. The chain is connected to a small motor which turns in correspondence with the hours. It’s not the most accurate of timepieces, as you’ll need to do a bit of guesswork on the exact minutes.
This Catena Wall Clock looks to be made of scraps, and might be something you’d see hanging in someone’s workshop. However, the $2,300 price tag suggests otherwise. Considering how simple it would be to make something similar, I can’t see many people bothering to buy one.