Waleli GSM-doorbell 2.0

by Dhiram Shah

If you’re tired of forgetting your keys, get the Waleli GSM doorbell and you’ll never have to worry again. You can talk to a visitor at your front door through your mobile phone and even let them in remotely with your mobile phone. How does it work? Certainly not by a clap! As you ring the doorbell (intercom), the intercom signals to the GSM-doorbell. Then the GSM-doorbell rings the number that is displayed. You can answer the call and are able to speak to the visitor. Just by punching a pin code on the mobile phone you can allow the visitor in. You need not get up from that chair too. New to version 2.0 is the ability to access the device remotely in order to create a virtual remote control; if you get locked out, the machine will recognize your phone number and release the latches for its master on command.

No clue on the pricing or availability in US but it will surely be a hit.
Via – Gizmodiva

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